Why you should be investing in IT in 2021

Why you should be investing in IT in 2021 1520 855 Timewade
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During the pandemic, technology was embraced more rapidly than ever before.

Many of the virtual working practices adopted in 2020 to support dispersed teams and customers are likely to continue throughout 2021 and beyond.

When it comes to tech, it can be hard to envisage the benefits, as investment may be costly or come at a cost of investment elsewhere. However, investing in IT has numerous advantages for firms and employees in both the short and long term, and not investing appropriately, can be even more costly.

In this blog we share just four reasons why investing in tech should be integral to your post-lockdown business strategy.

Enhance and expand

When operating in today’s climate, there are likely numerous online systems set up already. The question is, are they being used to their full potential? Investment in IT doesn’t have to mean huge costs. Upgrading pre-existing technology or training more staff on how to maximise the IT systems in place is an easy way of investing in IT, with little cost financially or time wise.

Remove the mundane

Working online can be tedious and repetitive. Investing in IT can allow administrative tasks to be taken care of so that employees can focus on more stimulating tasks. This may also give the team more time for innovation, creativity and boost efficiency, leading to numerous benefits for the firm.

Technology for Success Marketing and Communications partner and Managing Director at Astley Media, Dan Pritchard, said: “Given our extensive use of IT during lockdown and the pandemic, we will definitely be looking into technology to invest in for the future. In particular, we will be looking at IT systems that allow our teams to meet, organise and plan all in the same virtual space. Communicating and collaborating is at the heart of the functioning of our firm and so this is definitely a worthwhile investment”

Prepare for anything

The pandemic has demonstrated just how quickly the norm can become disrupted. If IT systems have proper investment employees and businesses are likely to be more secure. Having efficient and fully-functioning tech is crucial to being an adaptable and forward thinking firm – attributes which are essential to surviving the ever-changing business world of today.

Employee and consumer satisfaction

Employees who are able to access updated and safe IT functions are much more likely to work productively and happily than if they are constantly battling systems that are outdated or can’t handle the needs of a fully virtual work environment. Similarly, clients and consumers are likely to feel reassured and confident in using your product or service if technology is used to meet their needs.

At Timewade, we ensure our IT systems are kept up to date and invest in technology, as it is an integral part of the firm’s day-to-day functioning. This means we can focus on supporting and providing our clients with the top-quality services they deserve. Be it clients or fellow firms, no one should be worrying about tech letting them down when they need it most!

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