The top three systems and software you should be using to support blended teams

The top three systems and software you should be using to support blended teams 1520 855 Timewade
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The pandemic saw businesses respond quickly to support employees to work from home. The results of the latest Technology for Success report reveal that 19% of South West businesses moved to complete remote working and 50% moved to partial remote working. 

57% of businesses with a tech strategy across all areas of the business reported that the transition to remote working was seamless. Conversely, 100% of businesses whose tech strategy only covered the IT function had some problems. 

Nine months into the pandemic and there is a growing amount of evidence which suggests that not everyone is comfortable with a five-day week of working from home. 

It is predicted that when it is safe, the future will be ‘blended’ – people will be given the opportunity to flexibly combine working from home and working in the office, or elsewhere, everyday.  

Whilst this ‘blended’ future is a step away from the completely virtual work space, it is clear that getting technology right will be essential to support blended working practices. 

In this blog we share the top three systems and software you should be getting acquainted with to support a blended workforce. 

  • Support – the Technology for Success 2020 survey revealed that 47% of South West businesses will be prioritising communications technologies such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype going forward. The majority of businesses have made use of communications tools during lockdown to stay in touch with their teams, enable collaboration and manage company documents. We would recommend that businesses now ‘take stock’ and review the platforms which they rushed to use at the start of lockdown. Now is the time for firms to research the solutions out there and see whether there are alternatives on the market which may be more suited to their business needs.

Dan Pritchard, Managing Director at Astley Media and the Technology for Success Marketing and Communications partner said: “When lockdown happened we moved our team to remote working, making use of Google Drive, which we already had in place. Like many other businesses we are now using Zoom, Slack and WhatsApp to keep in touch with colleagues and clients. We are always looking for the latest and most effective ways to communicate and have recently introduced a weekly survey to address the welfare and wellbeing of our team.”  

  • Protect – Cyber threats have been greater than ever during the pandemic, so it is good to see that 58% of South West business will be prioritising cyber-security, and 56% will be prioritising protecting data and other key information. A comprehensive technology strategy can be used to identify gaps in your security, and the introduction of robust processes and regular staff training can be used to reduce the risk of cyber threats. This protects your employees, your customers and ultimately, your business. 
  • Stay Safe – With teams working across multiple locations and the virus likely to be with us for some time, thermal imaging cameras are expected to become a key fixture in many offices. This piece of technology is capable of determining a colleague’s body temperature and inferring whether they are safe to be in the workplace. Technology solutions such as this can be used to reduce the risk of transmission through the development of a responsive workplace which enables staff to enter rooms via a security card/app, book meeting rooms online (rather than face to face) and much more. 

The pandemic has reminded businesses of how much can be achieved with the right technology in place. Alongside a strong company culture, technology will undoubtedly be key to achieving a connected, productive and successful business throughout 2021 and beyond. 

For technology to be impactful, it must be adopted by your teams. With any new or updated technology, get your staff on-boarded early. Communicate regularly about technology roll-outs and consult with them to find the best tech solutions for your business needs.

Discover more about Systems and Software, and other technology South West businesses are using in the ‘Technology for Success report: 2021 and Beyond’ which is free to download:

To achieve ‘technology for success’ contact Timewade, to discuss the systems and software which would benefit your business. 

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