Technology your business should be using to support growth

Technology your business should be using to support growth 1520 855 Timewade
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The past twelve months have been a challenging time for businesses and individuals alike. In this blog we consider the technology South West businesses should be using to support business growth in 2021. 

Review what you’re currently using

When lockdown happened, quick, short-term decisions were made to help businesses remain operational. The rapid adoption of technology should be reviewed as it could have left weaknesses in your company’s cyber security and the handling of data. Plus, there may be better technology solutions out there to support your business goals.

Prioritise technology

In the latest Technology for Success report, South West businesses said that they will be prioritising technology in the coming months. 58% of South West businesses said they will be prioritising cyber security, 56% protecting data and other key information, 56% business broadband connection, 53% line of business applications and 47% communication tools. 

Investment in new or improved technology involves making choices and considering the long-term benefit to support long-term business growth. Failing to prioritise technology means the competitive gap between your business and others will grow.

Consider well-being

The last twelve months have been a challenging time. However, it appears that South West businesses are an innovative and resilient bunch, with 75% of businesses’ discovering new opportunities in response to Covid-19 and 85% reporting that their staff adopted new ways of working ‘well’ or ‘very well’ during the pandemic. Not a single respondent reported their staff performed ‘not well’ or ‘badly’. Nevertheless, as remote working and uncertainty continues, it is important to measure the long-term impact of remote working on teams. As well as productivity and growth, it is vital that business leaders focus on the varied elements of a successful workforce such as well-being, happiness and cohesion. 

Alison Lambert, the Technology for Success HR partner and Director at Commissioning HR said: “The pandemic has changed not only the way we work, but the way we interact with our colleagues and clients. Technology should be used to support staff working remotely and to encourage socialising to avoid social isolation. There are some great solutions out there, so ask your teams what works for them.” 

Discover more about achieving growth through technology in the ‘Technology for Success report: 2021 and Beyond’ which is free to download:

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