Systems and Software to maintain ‘business as usual’ in unusual times

Systems and Software to maintain ‘business as usual’ in unusual times 1520 855 Timewade
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Since March 2020, almost every industry, business and employee has had to make changes to their working routine. Trying to keep things running as normal can be tricky, especially when it comes to making decisions around the right tech for your business.

It is no surprise that according to the latest Technology for Success report, post-lockdown, the highest priorities for South West businesses are cyber-security (58%), employee broadband connection (56%) and protecting data (56%). 

So how can firms utilise technology to give customers the ‘normal’ experience and also use technology to support their teams and work in unusual times?

Here are our top tips for maintaining business as usual and making the most of technology:

Research and invest in the cyber security basics – there is so much support for SMEs and firms looking to improve their cyber security. Get clued up with the basics such as keeping software updated, avoiding phishing attacks and managing risk. Then budget to get at least the basics covered. In the long-term, this is sure to be a worthy investment. 

Cyber security is integral to protecting ourselves and our work in today’s virtual climate. Investing in this kind of tech helps put the minds of employees and clients at rest, whilst ensuring data and information is protected. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. 

Brief the team  communication is key to business success. Keep all employees in the loop about any technology updates, changes and security information. Ensure that employees are trained in cyber-security and any new technology updates, and respond to any feedback from the team. 

Refresh the online office – with restrictions lasting longer than many anticipated, lots of exciting new software has emerged that goes beyond Zoom and Microsoft Teams. There’s something for all aspects of the office including discussion channels, team organisation tools, online meeting platforms and much more. Invest time in researching and trialling different software and systems to see what works best for your firm. 70% of firms in the South West said communication tools were most important to them, so make sure your communication technology is up to scratch.

Adapt and adopt – consumers are expecting things to change- that’s a given. But keeping an element of continuity will help remind customers that you’re open for business and still the same brand they know and love. Whether adopting a new software or sales method, try to retain an aspect from the business pre-COVID; a logo, a tagline, a familiar face or even an explanation as to why things are different. 

Get with the programme – new ideas and ways of running things are constantly evolving. Devote time and staff to researching what the latest tech, software and systems are, and be sure to trial any to check that they suit your business and the needs of your customers/ clients. 

Ben Travers Head of IT, IP and Privacy Law at Stephen Scown, the Technology for Success legal partner said: “We were really concerned about moving online and the impact that would have on our clients. However, careful management and lots of discussions about staying consumer-focussed has lead us to develop a successful online strategy for keeping clients happy whilst working virtually”

Discover more about Systems and Software, and other technology South West businesses are using in the ‘Technology for Success report: 2021 and Beyond’ which is free to download:

To achieve ‘technology for success’ contact Timewade, to discuss the systems and software which would benefit your business. 

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