Is your Business Prepared for a Second Lockdown?

Is your Business Prepared for a Second Lockdown? 1280 854 Timewade
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As we now enter our seventh month of COVID-19 restrictions and with a second lockdown not being ruled out by the government, we set out how business should prepare technology systems, infrastructure and staff for an uncertain future. 

Equipment and Tools

Your business may need to purchase (or lease) hardware to support long term remote working.


  • What hardware do your team need to work with the same productivity and efficiency at home (i.e. phones, laptops, screens, printers, scanners, high quality webcams, etc)?

  • Are employees struggling with their home broadband connection?

  • Are you using

  • Video Conferencing and Communication Tools?

  • Document Collaboration Tools?

  • Project and Time Management Tools?


Cyber-security threats have never been greater, and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has said that businesses should implement the same security measures for home working as they do in the office environment.


  • Does your business have a Data Protection policy?

  • Are company devices security protected, and is there a policy for keeping these devices safe?

  • Are your team regularly trained on the latest Cyber Security threats?

  • Is GDPR in place to prevent potential data breaches?

  • Are staff accessing company data on personal devices or using public Wi-Fi connections?


As important as having the right tools and security policy in place is staff training. Staff should be regularly trained on how to use remote working tools and on the latest cyber threats, this will increase efficiency and productivity and reduce cyber threats.


  • Which business functions were the most impacted by the pandemic?

  • What skills should staff be trained in to enable redeployment in the event of another lockdown?

  • Are your staff aware of how to work safely remotely?

Staying in touch

Video calls, instant messaging and phone calls have enabled businesses to keep in touch with employees and colleagues. Online communication tools provide a great way to ensure effective communication when working remotely and provide the platforms to support one another through these challenging times.


  • Ask your team which tools work for them (video calls don’t suit everyone)

  • Book regular one to one and team calls

  • Encourage your staff to be open about any worries or concerns they are facing and to support one another

Timewade are working with SME across the South West to ensure they are using suitable technology to support remote working in the medium and long-term. Please contact the team to discuss how we could support your business.

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