How can your business use technology to boost productivity online?

How can your business use technology to boost productivity online? 1520 855 Timewade
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Business areas which are traditionally delivered face-to-face (such as service delivery, business development and customer services) were the areas most negatively impacted when the pandemic hit the South West.

That’s according to the latest Technology for Success report which surveyed businesses in the region about how they responded to the pandemic, and the technology they will be using in the future. 

With many workforces still dispersed across the region, business leaders must consider how they can use technology to boost productivity online. In this blog, we share the three questions every business should be asking.

Do you have the right infrastructure in place?

For teams to be productive, you must have the right infrastructure in place. In the 2020 Technology for Success survey, access to equipment and broadband connectivity were the biggest challenges for 55% of respondents. It is vital that employees are provided with the infrastructure they need to complete even the most basic of tasks. Suitable infrastructure is important, not just for maintaining and boosting productivity but also for keeping employees engaged and motivated. 

Do your staff know how to get the most out of the technology provided?

When lockdown happened back in March 2020, 40% businesses reported difficulties with training staff on new technologies. 

For technology to be impactful, it must be adopted and embraced by your teams. With any new or updated technology, get your staff on-board early. Communicate regularly about technology roll-outs and consult with them to find the best tech solutions for your business needs. 

Time needs to be invested in training and allowing people to adapt to changes. Technology tutorials, demo videos and training sessions allow people to ask questions, practice new skills and learn through experience. Time spent doing this will result in more efficient and productive working because people will be using technology effectively.

Do you have a comprehensive technology strategy?

Whilst no one could have been fully prepared for the impact of Covid-19, South West SMEs with a long-term technology strategy in place adapted to remote working more successfully than those without. 57% of those with a technology strategy reported a seamless transition, compared to businesses without a tech strategy, 100% of which had some problems. 

Your technology strategy should cover every aspect of your business, not just the IT function. It should consider how you use technology now, and how you would like to be using it in the future. Check out the free planning tool on the Technology for Success site here.

Technology for Success Innovation and Learning Partner and Partner at Minerva Lifelong Learning, Vikram Kamerkar said: “Technology played a significant role in the success of switching to remote working. As businesses start planning for the future, they should look at their core activities to see how technology can be used to automate or lighten the load. Technology should be an enabler, to support your teams to succeed in these changeable times.” 

Discover more about technology to boost productivity in the ‘Technology for Success report: 2021 and Beyond’ which is free to download here.

To achieve ‘technology for success’ contact Timewade, to discuss the productivity tools which would benefit your business.

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