Developing your Tech Strategy

Using technology to make processes slicker for the customer and to question the data behind a customer’s decision is key to maintaining business success.”

Robert Camp Strategic Innovation Director, Stephens Scown LLP

Your Tech Strategy

Having a Tech Strategy allows you to make the very best decisions for:

  • Customers and clients
  • Employee communications and productivity
  • Gaining new business
  • Suppliers and partners
  • Developing products and services
  • Accessing new markets
  • Managing data to drive continuous improvements
  • Staying digitally safe and secure

Start Today

Your Tech Strategy covers four fundamental aspects of your SME:

To achieve Technology for Success in all these areas you need a clear process and a ruthless focus on getting it done.

Use our Tech Strategy planning document to get started (please ensure you open and use this document in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat).

Without a Tech Strategy, too many companies are making decisions in isolation and don’t know if they will lead to sustainable growth in the long-term.”
Julian Wills, Timewade

Backed by data

As part of Technology for Success we gather data on how SMEs in the South West are using technology. From remote working to driving efficiencies, our latest report is packed with insight.

Image of T4S report

Business Strategy

Most companies lack a strategic approach to their use of technology, undoubtedly this is risky.

You are open to issues around security, productivity, system downtime and reliability.

Why? Because you’re making decisions as issues arise and not in-line with your longer-term strategy. This can also be more costly.

To create a long-term strategy, audit your current set-up, find the
gaps and opportunities, create your strategy, then prioritise and implement.

SW SME tech survey

Just half consider technology across their whole business strategy.

SW SME tech survey

Only 11% always make the best choice in buying technology.

Image of Timewade and client

In a world where technology changes so fast, we’ve realised it’s a vital element of our business growth.”

Barry Woodward, Managing Director at Van Guard Accessories
Image of data centre

It’s been essential to keep up with technology to retain our position in a competitive marketplace and to identify and attract talent.”

Lynsey Skinner, IT Recruitment Manager,
Cathedral Appointments

Systems & Software

Too often, nothing is done about clunky systems or old software for months, or at worst years.

Checks and balances should be built into your processes.

Training and knowledge, as well as up-to-date security software and processes, will help mitigate cyber risks and IT downtime.

A regular staff survey to find out what is and isn’t working will help identify areas of improvement.

Proactively check that plans and processes are fit for purpose and up-to-date.

SW SME tech survey

Nearly half lose operational time due to IT and tech failures.

SW SME tech survey

A third admit their IT system isn’t meeting their business needs.


There is a productivity gap in the South West (behind most other parts of the country) and technology is definitely one of the ways we will close the gap.

It is vital to know what your business is trying to achieve, and to then build your Technology Strategy to support those goals.

If you are always emailing or on the phone with your IT supplier that is a problem. It’s unproductive. You’re wasting time and letting down customers.

However, seamless technology that drives greater productivity doesn’t happen by chance.

Your Tech Strategy should encompass people – learning and skills – as well as  processes – IT systems and technology.

SW SME tech survey

42% admit senior management’s resistance to change is a barrier to adopting best tech solutions.

SW SME tech survey

71% lack tech skills within the business.

Image of open plan office

Technology-powered scalability is vital to Crowdcube’s growth. For this reason, we have deployed data and machine learning to deliver a precise Customer Data Layer. For one channel, email, we have seen a 46% investment growth.”

Luke Lang, Co-Founder, Crowdcube
Image of Pepper

There are so many possibilities with technology. We wanted an easy way to measure customers’ happiness. We found the cloud-based one click customer thermometer solution. Now we are rolling it out to gauge the happiness of our team.”

Jake Whitford, Operations Director, Pepper Communications

Achieving Growth

Most of us recognise that new technologies mean new opportunities.

But it’s important to decide, based on evidence, which areas of the business and which technologies to focus on.

Flexible work options, service delivery, data analysis and efficiency are the top four areas South West SMEs are using technology to help achieve growth.

Many SME directors in the South West say that automation of administrative tasks and artificial intelligence are key areas for growth, but most have not made progress.

And that’s because most lack the knowledge within the business.

SW SME tech survey

Only 42% say employees are making full use of their IT.

SW SME tech survey

A third of SMEs agree automation will have the biggest impact

Use our Tech Strategy planning document to get started.

Contact us to find out how Timewade can help develop your Tech Strategy.

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