Business leaders express a positive view on the future

Business leaders express a positive view on the future 1280 853 Insight6
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To reflect on how business leaders handled the pandemic Customer Experience (CX) experts and Technology for Success Partner Insight 6 conducted a survey with over 75 business leaders across the UK.

The results are revealing – and positive.

It found that 78% of leaders feel that their business is going to emerge with their full team and 45% believe their business will be stronger following the pandemic. 

It suggests that perhaps leaders have been using the time to work “on” rather than “in” their business. Respondents said they have spent time gathering data, reviewing processes and ensuring a comprehensive feedback strategy which will be vital to their long term success. 

The survey also asked what skills leaders would have liked to have had, to be better prepared for the pandemic. Communication and adaptability were two that leaders felt had been the most important in dealing with the challenges of the lockdown. Next was learning how to use new technologies such as video conferencing, which has been vital for many businesses to remain operational. 

Whilst many teams have adapted well to working remotely, the uncertain future has caused challenges for leaders. 30% said that keeping up with Government initiatives such as the furlough scheme has been their biggest challenge, and 20% said that their next biggest challenge has been trying to motivate a team that is working from home.

Encouragingly, leaders said that their biggest support over this period has come from their team (49%) and 29% felt that networking groups or other businesses had provided them with the most support, highlighting the need to keep people engaged and to connect with other businesses.

Whilst there are certainly challenges ahead, business leaders appear to have a positive view on the future and have quickly adapted their businesses to the challenging situation they find themselves. Many leaders have used the time working remotely to develop new skills and utilise technologies in the business and have researched and reflected upon the customer experience they should be offering to ensure they are prepared for the future. 

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