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Facebook Live offers perhaps the greatest opportunity for engaging and interacting with viewers by the million. 

The nature of marketing is constantly changing, and social media continues to play an increasingly important role. Today, one in five videos is a live broadcast, and everyday more than four billion views take place on Facebook. An effective and professional Facebook Live Broadcast can help you to target millions of people at the fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. 

How do I set up a Facebook Live?

Facebook have created a walkthrough for Facebook Business users explaining how to set up a Facebook Live. You can view the full guide here.

How to create a professional Facebook Live video

There are a few key things to consider when going about making a professional Facebook Live video. 

Plan and prepare – Ensure you have a clear vision as to the audience, content and aim. Get your ‘recording studio’ set up and ready, and have a few run-throughs. The more preparation you can put into the video, the greater the quality and outcome. 

Build-up interest Getting Facebook users engaged before the video has gone live is essential to gaining more views and shares. Make an announcement before the livestream starts, and if Facebook Live videos are going to be a frequent feature on your page, consider streaming at the same time every day or week so viewers know when to tune in. 

Quality not quantity – The average watch time of a Facebook video is ten seconds. So, ensure the opening of your content is clear, concise and interesting. Consider utilising the ‘Live’ nature of Facebook Live videos by giving viewers shout-outs, answering questions and saying hello to individual viewers. 

The not-so-live video Once your live video has ended, it will remain on your Facebook page. This means that not all your views will be live…some may be watched hours, days or weeks after the livestream. Choose a short but snappy title and aesthetic cover image that reflect the content of the live so that those who missed the live broadcast can still watch the video.

Feedback and criticism Whilst it can be hard to hear, if you’re new to Facebook Live then the chances are your live-streaming skills may have room for improvement. Take on board constructive criticism or feedback and use it to improve your next Facebook Live. 

Account Director at Astley Media, Emma McLeod said:When creating a Facebook Live, it’s important to keep your brand vision at the heart of the content and ensure the visual and audio quality of the video are of an acceptable standard. Finally, make sure that you set aside time to practice and improve your technique, so that your videos are as engaging as they can be, from start to finish.”

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