5 ways tech can be used to foster a team with a positive mentality

5 ways tech can be used to foster a team with a positive mentality 1520 855 Timewade
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In the past extremely busy and stretched small businesses have been considered resistant to change due to limited time and resources. However, the pandemic has shown this simply isn’t true. 

Employees of SMEs have rapidly adapted to the new virtual working life, including the integration of technology into their routines. According to the latest Technology for Success report, 85% of employees in the South West have adapted well or very well to the new technology in their work during the first lockdown. Whilst technology has allowed for smooth transitions to remote working, it is also important to focus on other elements of a successful workforce. This includes well-being, happiness and cohesion. 

This blog will explore how technology can be used to create monetary and mental profits for firms. 

Sharing is caring

There is a wealth of information regarding mental health and wellbeing that can easily be shared amongst colleagues and employees. Passing on or signposting resources such as helplines, the NHS website, wellbeing playlists or podcasts, blogs and much more is an easy way to provide open team support. 

Feedback and feelings

Conducting surveys doesn’t have to be kept corporate. Checking in with the team or other colleagues can be tricky, especially without meeting rooms or office spaces. However, conducting anonymous surveys may help you gage the general morale of the team and identify any areas that need work or key issues resulting from working online. Be sure to take this feedback and work on it. 

Connect and include

For many, working from home will feel very isolating- you spend all day staring at a screen in a room with only yourself and perhaps a fluffy companion for company. Utilise meeting platforms to host social events such as a team quiz, games night or virtual coffee break and get the whole team together. It is important to replace the social side of work culture that has taken a huge cut since moving online. 

Alison Lambert, the Technology for Success HR partner and Director at Commissioning HR said: “When a team is made up of individuals with a positive mindset and good mental health, the firm functions better as a whole. Employees are happier, more productive and more collaborative when mental health is invested in, and technology has really allowed us to do this.”

Check in and check out

If someone seems absent on the discussion forum or isn’t attending social events, drop them a message and let them know you are checking in on them. Then be sure to check out their work situation and that they aren’t overloaded with tasks or trying to work an 18-hour day. Being online can make it hard to schedule and monitor breaks, so be sure that everyone is getting away from their screen at some point. 

Stay positive

The never-ending nature of the pandemic can feel daunting, and working online can easily become monotonous. Try to maintain a positive work culture one way to do this is to include a weekly positivity post in the form of an email or group message. Remind everyone that there are a lot of great things going on despite current circumstances. 

Dan Pritchard, Managing Director at Astley Media and the Technology for Success Marketing and Communications partner said: “Whilst working online, Astley Media has aimed to utilise tech to support our team and their mental health. We meet regularly via Zoom so everyone is included and can visually see the team, despite not being in the office. We have also hosted team socials including game nights and are sure to keep in touch with each other, especially when workloads increase and stress levels may be higher. ”

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